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The office of the future - a HUB for innovation and culture building


The workplace is an extension and reinforcement of the culture we want to promote, and shows what we stand for.

The workspace of the future will facilitate new forms of work. To meet the complexity of challenges the company faces, the meeting places must invite creative interdisciplinary processes, be dynamic and flexible. 


Conscious design and content must build on the company's vision and values. The ambitions must be to unleash the potential of human capital for increased value creation.


The work arena must reflect this in an environment that contributes to raising the quality of work and life. The purpose is to promote innovation and implementation power. Not working anymore, but smarter!

I help you in the initial phases, and assist in the transformation process. Before going to search brokers, interior designers and architects, it is important to have a good internal process to define where you are going and what you want. Whether it is remodeling or moving offices, you must be sure that the sustainability goals and new work processes are integrated into future solutions.


I can provide tips and advice on the best resource persons in the area through my own network in the real estate industry, as well as set up a process with an interdisciplinary group that facilitates optimal solutions or briefs.

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