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Ongoing and previous projects


Andøy Teknologipark AS

Management for Hire

Andøya Space is building a space port for small satellites on Andøya.

As a CEO of Andøya Teknologipark AS, we will design, own and develop a commercial industrial park for Andøya Space and the ripple effect establishments in Andøy Municipality. 

The company is 100% owned by Andøy Municipality.


Project manager for City development

How can RJUKAN  become an attractive place and attract young adults?

I have provided recommendations for a process for Rjukan for place and citycenter development.

Reference projects

Carl Berner

Carl Berner Torg
Rental and urban floor development

In the development of Carl Berner Torg, my role has been concept development and rental of retail and restaurant consepts and development of and old factory into an hybrid concept with urban restaurant, sports bar and neighborhood meeting place (urban floor development).

Collaborators have been Reactor Design and Radius Design. The project was developed together with PEAB, COOP and Realkapital Investor.

"The plans for Tøyen have gone from being a politically and municipally controlled area boost in the traditional sense, to becoming a future-oriented
and innovative development projects at the interface between culture, technology and innovation ”


Cecilie Asker, Aftenposten

Tøyen Torg
Project manager for site development

Project / process manager for the revitalization of Tøyen Torg, on behalf of the farm owners from 2010-2016.


New Tøyen Torg became the heart of the transformation on Tøyen and resulted in the Tøyen Lift in 2013.

"Identity and place development was based on a strong vision and patient process"



  • From concept development to implementation of a holistic visual approach to turn reputation

  • Collaborate farm owners, residents, politicians, the municipality and volunteers

  • Temporary activation of the square and user participation processes

  • Rental to restaurants and tenants who helped bring the square to life from morning to night

  • Result from a landlord perspective; fully leased office space on Tøyen

  • Result for Tøyen Torg; a lively meeting place for the residents of the district and the ripple effects due to the revitalization process

Tøyen Torg