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Retreat April 24-26🌿 (this retreat will be held in Norwegian)

How to navigate a world that is becoming more unpredictable and complex with ever-increasing demands from the outside?

Leaders are in the midst of a paradigm shift, where old methods no longer work, and the future is uncertain with unknown paths to success. The demand for efficiency compromises the quality of our deliverables, while there are clear signs of self-exploitation and environmental degradation. The unpredictability also fosters fear of choosing new paths, while a new generation demands better leadership, innovation, and integrated values in business and supply chains.

How can you, as a leader, take care of both the organization and yourself?

The answer may lie in regenerative leadership. A methodology that learns from past systematic errors and adopts a holistic view on nurturing employees and oneself, fostering a culture that yields surplus for co-creation and innovation - an approach that prepares and generates added value and balance for people, organizations, communities, nature, and the future.

To lead sustainably, you must see yourself, your leadership, and your business culture's ecosystem as part of the solution.

Join a 2.5-day introductory retreat with other leaders looking to discover a new platform for making decisions.

For Whom: This retreat is aimed for those who wish to view leadership from a holistic perspective. This is not a trendy buzzword or new demands – it's a powerful approach offering the chance to renew insights on navigating and becoming more equipped for sustainable transformation.

About Anne-Lise

Anne-Lise brings fresh insights, especially on challenges where sustainability efforts stall and how to navigate into the next decade.  With extensive leadership experience in the real estate industry, as a concept, place, culture, meeting space developer, strategic leadership developer, and coach, Anne-Lise offers new perspectives on taking a quantum leap in transformation by embracing a holistic approach. She has led interdisciplinary projects and developed practical methods to turn visions into reality.


The program will balance guidance, dialogues, and time in nature for reflection. Topics will be addressed mentally, emotionally, and physically for optimal integration and heightened awareness. You will experience simple techniques for being more present, innovative, and creative, a kickstart on what you can do for yourself and your business's ecosystem, and the courage to change.

For registration and more information, send an email or call

Anker 1

"Regenerative ledere fremmer nye måter å løse våre nåværende utfordringer

og har motet til å gå veien der tidligere lederskapsrammeverk ikke har klart å ta oss så langt"

Laura Storm

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