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Sustainability - starts from the inside

I am looking for pilot companies and leaders who are innovative, brave and curious. You who want to implement  vision and values into the corporate culture to strengthen the development of "human capital".
Sustainability work starts from the inside! With awareness and love, we can bring in a holistic perspective that safeguards the individual, society and the planet.


I am passionate about creating content and spaces that provide meaning, joy and energy. I am inspired by unleashing potential and working with business leaders who dare to think new.


I can contribute as a sparring partner, course leader or hired process leader.

How to create meaning and joy, develop our creative power and energy that is important for success in the new age.

I can help you facilitate the vision and value process that will lay the foundation for a new culture and development of the company. Get in touch for a conversation.

This is a movement for changing the world.

Doing business, will rapidly transform into holistically nurturing the individual, the community,
humanity and the planet. ”


"IMPACT -  The United Nations Global Compact"

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